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I want to sign me in the congress, it is necessary to register?

If you want to subscribe to the congress is required a registration, it is necessary to register at the website of the congress. Through this platform you will make the payment of subscription  in congress, following the procedure described below.
Any other relevant information will be shared with the registered users and will be sent in newsletter format.

Note: Users already registered just have to make the payment of registration by following this link


How can I authenticate (login) in my account?

Just click the login button located on the top bar of the website and put your login details, username and password.



How can I access my personal area after authenticating me?

Normally after the authentication is done, you are automatically sent to your personal area, if it does not happen click the following button.



Purchase of the ticket to attending the conference?


After you log in to your personal area, will have access to the tickets purchase to attending the conference at the end of the user area page. Then you have to add to the cart which ticket you want, singular person ticket or a ticket for group of 4 people. Click the button "Add to Cart", then you will see the shopping cart on the top of the page. You have the option of going through "View Cart" to the shopping cart and make the management of your cart. To proceed with the purchase of the ticket just click on the "Checkout" as shown in the figures below.

Note 1: According to the type of registration you will have access to differentiated prices, this is, registered as a professional you will be presented with professional prices. If you submitted a student proof and this has been approved by the technical team of the congress will be presented with student prices.

Note 2: If you are a student and will buy the student ticket you will be automatically redirected to the insert form of student proof.

Note: All values ​​shown are merely representative.


How do I submit my proof of student?

If you really are a student, you should then submit your proof of student, giving you access to the prices of student for participation in Congress. The proofs of student are always verified and evaluated by the Congress Team.



Requirements to be met in the group ticket

If you chose the group ticket for subscription in Congress, you must complete the full name of the 4 participants who will take advantage of group ticket, this being a requirement.

Note: All values ​​shown are merely representative.


Considerations to checkout of my ticket for the Congress

On the checkout page will appear some sections to be fill. First check your ticket at the "cart contents", then check all your registration information especially your email address, since it will be used for sending all the information about your ticket purchase  for Congress.  Fill and then check the "Billing information" correctly.


It is not necessary to fill.

Note: All values ​​shown are merely representative.


Then choose the desired payment method, have as an option the system paypal / credit card or debit card and bank transfer, follow the images below.

Note: Bank transfer, print the data required for the transfer that are arranged in the following image and insert in the description your registration username of the congress website (username: your username).

Note: All values ​​shown are merely representative.


Review Order

Then you'll be presented with a table with all data submitted, make a printout of the table or store the data presented, if you have to correct some submitted information click "back". If you confirms that everything is correct, just click "Submit Order".

Note: Bank transfer, your order will be created but remaining in a pending state, waiting the value transfer.When the value is confirmed by the Congress Team you will receive a Completed confirmation email.

Note: All values ​​shown are merely representative.

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