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Scientific Program



October 7th, 2014 - (Tuesday)


08h30 - Registration

9h00m - Welcome Note
Fernando Sebastião - President of IPV
Carlos Pereira – Chairman, President of ESSV

9h30m - Conference I: "Longitudinal Research in Portugal. Cohorts of Porto"
"EPITEEN - The cardiovascular health of adolescents" - Elizabeth Ramos, UP, Portugal
"EPIPORTO - A cohort of adults of Porto", Carla Lopes, UP, Portugal
"Geração 21 - Born and raised at the beginning of the Millennium", Ana Cristina Santos, UP, Portugal
Chair: Carlos Pereira

10h30m - Coffee Break

11h00m - Conference II: "Palliative Care in Portugal and in Europe”
“Palliative Care from Oncology to all Nursing Arenas: Good Practice or Scaring the Patients?", Angela Kydd, UWS, Scotland
”Humanization of Therapeutic Spaces to attend patients/families in Palliative Care”, José Bermejo, CHS, Spain
“Palliative Care in Portugal and Europe: Different conceptions and organizational models, different levels, needs and potential for development“, Sandra Pereira, EURO IMPACT, Netherlands-Portugal
“Pediatric Palliative Care in Portugal”, Ana Maria Forjaz Lacerda, IPOL, Portugal
Chair: Graça Aparício

13h00m - Lunch Break

14h30m - Conference III: "Systematic Review of the Literature: From the Levels of Evidence to the Grades of Recommendation”, João Apóstolo, ESEnfCoimbra, Portugal
Chair: Madalena Cunha

15h00m – Symposyums

16h00m - ESSV Day Commemoration - 40 years

16h30m - Social Program - Tourist visit to the city of Viseu


October 8th, 2014 - (Wednesday)


08h30 - Registration

9h00m – Conference IV: "From Therapeutic Hypothermia to Hemodynamic, Endocrine and Neurological Control in the ICU. The Portuguese Reality."
"Therapeutic hypothermia in children: Treatment of neonatal asphyxia", André Mendes da Graça, H Sta. Maria, Portugal
"Therapeutic hypothermia in adult",
Luís Bento, H S. José, Portugal

Chair: António Madureira

10h15m - Coffee Break

10:30 - Conference V: "Mental Health in the XXI century: What Priorities?"
"The medicalization of emotional distress to the rational prescribing psychotropic drugs", Nuno Gil, CHTV, Portugal
"World mental health surveys initiative: Main results and implications for mental health services in the future", José Caldas de Almeida, UNL, Portugal
"(Im) Patient in mental health in a hectic world", Jose Carlos Santos, ESEnfCoimbra, Portugal
"Challenges in the context of intervention in addictive behaviors and dependencies", GraçaVilar, SICAD, Portugal
"The assumption of the obvious: Without mental health there is no health", Álvaro de Carvalho, DGS, Portugal
Chair: Lidia Cabral

12h00m - Symposiums, Oral Communications and Posters

13h00m - Lunch Break

14h30m - Conference VI: "Culture of Patient Safety: Barometers of Quality in Health"
“Culture of patient safety”, Margarida Eiras, ESTSL, Portugal
“Program for prevention and control of infection and antibiotic resistance”, Elaine Pina, PPCIRA, Portugal
“Audits in the context of patient safety”, Fernando Barroso, H. Setúbal, Portugal
“Hospital infection in the United Kingdom“, Etelvina Ferreira, United Kingdom
“Microbial flora in the hospital setting“, Eduardo Melo, CHTV, Portugal
Chair: Olivério Ribeiro

15h45m - Coffee Break

16h00m - Conference VII: "Demographics, Birth and Health Policy”

“Impact of demographic changes in Portugal in the NHS: Challenges for the future", Ana Escoval, ENSP, Portugal
"Aging, immigration and health care in Portugal", Maria Lucinda da Fonseca, IGOT-UL, Portugal
“Health policies and national health programs: information strategies”, Paulo Jorge Nogueira , DGS, Portugal
Chair: Cláudia Chaves

17h00m – Symposiums, Oral Communications and Posters

18h30m - Closing Cerimony

18h45m - Musical moment – Viriatura and Incognitus

19h00m - Wine Tasting Dão


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